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Formula Ingredient

Red Yeast Rice

Shown in multiple clinical trials to reduce total cholesterol including LDL and trigylcerides in line with prescription medication, red yeast rice is an excellent source of naturally occurring cholesterol maintenance compounds. The fact that there is a combination of these compounds means they work in synergy to have a more natural activity in the body, unlike some mainstream treatments.

Plant Sterols (or phytosterols)

Again, clinical trials have proved that phytosterols significantly reduce cholesterol. Found in all plants, phytosterols share a similar chemical structure to cholesterol. Studies demonstrate that consumption of phytosterols, by inhibiting the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, have a favourable affect on both cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


A nutritional supplement that is popular around the world, research has shown a link between cases of heart problems and associated deficiency of Co Q10. Statins lower cholesterol by blocking HMGR, the enzyme responsible for cholesterol production in the liver. However, blocking HMGR also inhibits production of CoQ10 and other compounds. This has been suspected in numerous statin-use side effects, including myopathy, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome and temporary memory loss.

Secondly, CoQ10 has documented antioxidant properties useful against the oxidation of lipids, such as LDL. A study published in JACC, Dec. 2014, highlights the improved symptoms and reduction in adverse cardiovascular events in chronic heart failure patients with CoQ10. In addition, published data in UBM Medica US Insights found that CoQ10 is recommended 40.0% of the time when clinicians recommend a supplement or vitamin to their patients.

Supplementary Notes

All three ingredients of the product are sourced through the same manufacturer to ensure consistency, highest quality and compliance with governmental agencies on raw material pre-manufacturing qualification.

Each batch of the product will have a Certificate of Analysis certifying that the supplement meets necessary standards, including Monacolin K levels at < .1% in compliance with FDA requirements as a market dietary supplement.

There is no existing product like Perfect Vascular Natural All in One in the market today and addresses competitive efficacy through the support of Dr. Scott Eisenberg, a Board Certified Practicing Cardiologist and Lipidologist, having clinically tested the product over four years with 2000 prescribed patients. A retrospective analysis of a subset of 50 patients on AIO, looking at lipid panel at baseline, and follow up, lipid particle size and tabulate results is available as Data on File.

The span of time between baseline and follow-up ranged from between 8 weeks to 144 weeks, which further supports the product’s efficacy, safety and tolerability within the regimen.